The Ultimate Multifunction Taps

Add Instant Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled Water at the touch of a button to your home, yacht, office or business.

Instant Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled Water

Prepare a perfect infusion with the instant boiling function of Quatreau®. Flavors steep instantly while color is perfectly retained with a clarity unfound in any other water. Quatreau® protects the virtues of the ingredients delivering the purest taste possible.

Never has sparkling water tasted so good. Endless combinations await you and your family. As an alternative to sugar based fizzy drinks let your children create their own favorite using diced fruit and real fruit juice.

Nothing is more refreshing on a warm summer’s day than beautifully chilled pure water. The temperature is thermostatically pre-set to 4.5ºC and can be adjusted to suit your preference, delivered in a controlled stream to prevent splashing.

Quatreau® Touch saves water by dispensing main tap water at the perfect pre-set temperature for rinsing and washing. Simply touch the lower left quadrant once. No more scalding your hands trying to set the temperature by mixing hot and cold water. A great way of saving water.

Our Story

All quatreau® products are 100% manufactured in Great Britain with the aim of improving peoples´ health and reduce their environmental impact by offering a safe, sustainable choice of drinking water. With nearly 30 years of experience the quatreau® Company is operating from its base in Woking, Surrey, and has grown during that time to expand its range of products and devise water delivery solutions for homes and businesses in the UK and globally.

The most recent developments include the stylish quatreau® Collection of multifunction taps designed for seamless integration with pre-filters and water purifiers. This means customers can enjoy sparkling, chilled and boiling water, all purified and all from one single technologically advanced tap. It was this innovative multifunction tap that brought quatreau® in touch and later into a partnership with Global Water Solutions Ltd., a leading company in the water pumping and water treatment industry.

The combined experience of the quatreau® Company and Global Water Solutions creates a fantastic synergy which spreads throughout both companies, and the product portfolio which Global Water Solutions brings to the equation make quatreau® Multifunction Taps a real all-in-one system when it comes to purified and tasty water. From physical pre-filtration with the Purefer series to anti-scale water conditioning with OneStop Plus or AquaWave Reverse Osmosis water purifiers, quatreau® taps come with the right filter for your water.

Our promise is to deliver a unique product and our dedicated and highly trained global engineering, sales and service teams can´t wait to provide you with the most exclusive multifunction taps available in the market paired with the best before- and after sales-service.