Businesses & Offices

Upgrade your restaurant kitchen by adding an all-in-one tap. Enhance your office by adding an all-in-one drinks station or bottling station to remove the need for bottled water.

Reduce your environmental impact

Reduce your environmental impact with our range of Quatreau taps. Unlimited chilled and sparkling water, available at the touch of a button. You'll never have to buy plastic bottled water again. The Quatreau SmartTap is 33% more energy-efficient than a kettle. So you're reducing your carbon footprint, there's zero food miles and no plastics waste.


The Quatreau taps dispense unrivaled volumes of Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling and/or Room Temperature water for any high-traffic commercial kitchen, restaurant, office or hospitality area including breakout areas, lounges, waiting rooms and receptions. The optional recessed drip tray on the Quatreau SmartTap™ means it can be installed anywhere you need to provide water conveniently to your customers or clients – that’s why you’ll find it in the Eurostar Paris Business Lounge and the Hilton Hotel. You can even have your own bespoke drip tray design.