KB Network asked our founder, Roger Wiltshire, why smart taps?

We recently hosted a guest blog for KB-Network, the place to go for the latest information on kitchens and bathrooms. KB-Network asked our M.D. Roger Wiltshire for his input on the differences between ‘normal’ and ‘smart’ taps, and why the trade should invest in the latter. 

What is the difference between a normal tap and a smart tap?

Smart taps deliver 1 or more ‘functions’ such as boiling water, in addition to normal mains fed tap water. The  SmartTap™ goes a few steps further, delivering a modular choice of Boiling, Sparkling, Chilled and/or Ambient water so you can use it as an additional tap in the kitchen for food preparation and making drinks.

Why must the trade invest in smart taps, such as the PureH20?

The  SmartTap™ offers householders a simple, no-fuss way of upgrading their kitchen without having to go to the trouble of altering their existing sink/tap configuration. It’s equally suited to domestic or commercial settings so can be installed in busy offices, too.

What sets your taps apart from all the other ‘smart taps’ on the market?

The  SmartTap™ delivers quite a few unique benefits that set it apart from others available today, as follows:

  1. The  SmartTap™ is the only smart tap on the market to integrate with Pureh2o RO or RODI tap water purification systems. Designed specifically for treating  drinking water, these remove all contaminants and impurities found in tap water such as pesticides, hormones and petrochemicals. This offers households the best in healthy living and the best tasting-drinks as there are no chemicals to impair flavor.
  1. It’s really important for consumers and their suppliers to understand that a lot of companies are now using the same boiling tap supplied from one Chinese manufacturer. We feel that the quality and reliability of our British manufactured  SmartTap™ offers consumers the safest, highest quality tap that is backed  by our  pre and post sales customer service and technical support.
  1. The SmartTap™ can be installed as a stand-alone counter top drinks station.  Thanks to the optional sink drainer with built in drain, it can be placed anywhere you want to be able to make drinks, such as your home gym, pool, bar or cinema room.
  1. It’s the only tap to have LED lit choices with additional safety feature of touch sequence on boiling function. It’s probably the simplest tap to use on the market and we think it’s definitely the most aesthetically pleasing.
  1. The  SmartTap™ delivers unrivaled volumes of water, being the only smart tap on the market to deliver an instant 3 litres of boiling water – equivalent to about 15 mugs – without a drop in temperature, plus short recovery time of 5 minutes in the event the 3 litres is used in one go (e.g. when filling saucepans).

What lengths do you go to to ensure your products are effective and environmentally friendly?

Reducing our environmental impact, and that of our customers, is of prime importance to our company. Our taps are manufactured within 10 miles of our base in Surrey with WRAS approved materials including solid 316 stainless steel chosen for strength, longevity and lower environmental impact. With energy efficiency in mind, the boiling function uses 33% less energy than other hot water taps. Our water purification systems have recyclable components and benefit from industry-leading thermal insulation for exceptional energy efficiency.


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