Anti-Scale Systems

Protect your tap by installing a OneStop Plus™ anti-scale system. It is not a softener, it is a salt-free water conditioner designed to protect open circuit piping from limescale deposits.

OneStop Plus™ systems have been designed as a practical and robust product that, depending on the chosen system size, allows both the usage as a Point-of-Use or Point-of-Entry device. While the former would be installed directly before the equipment that should receive scale-free treated water like your quatreau® tap or, for example, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, steam rooms, saunas etc., the latter would protect the entire piping and all appliances connected to it, e.g. bathrooms, heating and cooling systems etc. from scale build-up.

The OneStop Plus™ system is a water conditioner designed to protect open circuit piping from limescale deposits. It converts limescale into harmless soft crystals and reduces existing limescale deposits. It also reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury, zinc and cadmium and operates without the use of chemicals, electricity or salt.

The salt-free usage, its operation without the need for electricity, the reusability of the housings in which the OneStop Plus™ does its magic and the fact that the OneStop Plus™ media itself is 100% biodegradable make the product a true friend of the environment.

Technical Information

OneStop Plus™ prevents limescale by interacting with the calcium carbonate molecules, turning them into harmless soft crystals, a process called Template Assisted Crystallization or TAC. These soft carbonate crystals continue to flow with the water but do not attach to surfaces and are simply washed away down the drain. At the same time the soft crystals “snowball” their way through the water attracting free calcium carbonate molecules dramatically reducing existing limescale deposits. The water treated by OneStop Plus™ keeps the original healthful minerals while solving limescale problems.

Stage 1

The OneStop Plus™ media attracts dissolved calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules into “Templates” on the media.

Stage 2

The calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules grow into microscopic crystals.

Stage 3

The crystals detach when they are too large to be held by the OneStop Plus™ media. These harmless crystals effectively isolate the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules from the water and anything the water comes in contact with.


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