Quatreau Touch Tap

One Tap, Five Functions

The boiling safety function requires a three step touch sequence to activate. Auto cut-off after 60 seconds. Outer hoop of the tap remains cool to touch to prevent scalding.

The bottom right icon is for filtered or purified sparkling water dispensed at 19 liter per hour (or 5 gallons per hour) below 5°C / 41° F.

Touch the top right quadrant on the control panel for filtered or purified chilled water from 9.5 Liter per hour (2.5 Gallons per hour) at 10°C / 50° F and up to 19 Liter per hour (5 Gallons per hour) below 5°C / 41° F.

Thermostatically pre-set to 60°C / 140° F (adjustable to suit your preference) delivered in a controlled stream to prevent splashing. For cold tap water double touch the same icon.

You will never need another tap again! When we launched quatreau® in 2009 it was the first tap ever to dispense both tap water and pure water with boiling, chilled and sparkling options.

Elegance and purity combine to bring you the quatreau® TOUCH Tap, the world’s first touch sensitive tap designed for today’s lifestyle. Named by Better Homes and Gardens “30 Most Innovative Products of 2017”, the quatreau® TOUCH Tap in our customers’ views is the most stylish and fantastic tap on the market. A tap that excites and represent the evolution of tap design bringing water purity and function to the center stage in the kitchen of your home or yacht.​

quatreau® TOUCH Tap is the first and only tap that delivers the purest instant boiling, instant chilled and instant sparkling water using unique touch screen technology. It also delivers hot and cold unfiltered tap water with thermostatic control for the perfect temperature and at one touch. Using the quatreau® TOUCH Tap will eliminate your need for the kettle and bottled still or sparkling water – more space in the fridge and on the kitchen counter. Depending on your estimated peak water needs you have the choice between systems with boiling and chilling capacities of 20 or 50 liters per hour.

Building on our 21 years’ experience we developed quatreau® taps upon a versatile modular system which allows installation to be customized to individual users and sites. The taps are designed, manufactured and assembled in Great Britain from WRAS approved solid 316 stainless steel components for longevity and durability. The selected electronic components and the hand-welded insulations make the quatreau® TOUCH Tap a truly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly multifunction tap.


Instant Boiling 

The boiling safety function requires a three-step touch sequence to activate.

Handwash Cold and Hot 

Saves water by dispensing main tap water at the perfect preset temperature for rinsing and washing. Simply touch the lower left quadrant once.

Instant Chilled

Touch the top right quadrant on the control panel for chilled water.

Instant Sparkling

Simply touch the lower left quadrant once.


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