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Thanks to Catherine Whyte at Essential Surrey & SW London for this article on ditching plastic bottled water, reducing your environmental impact & protecting your health with reverse osmosis purified tap water.

Bottled or tap? How do you stay hydrated now that summer is a-coming in? Personally, I’ve never been one for buying bottled. All that plastic just seems wrong – experts reckon that three million tonnes of it is used annually worldwide for water bottling purposes alone. It’s enough to make the blood boil.

There’s no denying that, in post-Blue Planet Britain, the anti-plastic movement is beginning to swell. Single use straws are the new pariahs, shunting plastic bags off their ‘most hated’ pedestal. Yet the public’s love affair with bottled water remains as ardent as ever, even with negative studies – such as the one from March this year that found microplastics in 93% of branded bottled water (as well as in 83% of tap water around the world) – flooding our news feeds.

Good timing, therefore, when a friend mentioned The Pure H2O Company. Based just outside Woking, it makes the world’s most technologically advanced water purifiers for the home. Raymond Blanc is a big fan – Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons uses the company’s systems, as does Great Fosters country house hotel in Egham.

“It’s our firm belief that there are no acceptable levels of impurities for drinking water,“ says Roger Wiltshire, Managing Director of Pure H2O.

Roger, it transpires, has been on a one-man mission to improve “health, quality of life and the wider environment” since the early 90s, when he took over the UK rights to the US company and began supplying health food stores with refill stations in a manner akin to that of popular cleaning product brand Ecover.

A natural innovator and engineer par excellence, he has been refining and developing the unique technology ever since, even inventing his own high-tech, touch screen, multi-function Quatreau taps – dispensing cold, hot, boiling and sparkling water – at about the same time that Apple launched the iPad. Impressive.

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Pure Genius

Bottled or tap? How do you stay hydrated now that summer is a-coming in?