You eat organic but what about your water?

If you choose to eat organic, drinking pure water is the next logical step.  Tap water is full of the very chemicals, hormones and pesticides you seek to avoid with organic food, bottled water is not any safer and is hugely degrading to the environment.

By contrast, tap water purified with Quatreau’s Pure H2O Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation (RODI)  is the safe, healthy and environmentally responsible choice of water, giving you unlimited quantities of up to 99.99% pure water.

We believe there are no acceptable levels of contaminants and impurities in the water you drink. That’s why we say that Quatreau’s Pure H2O is the equivalent of organic food.

Quatreau’s Pure H2O is free from pesticides, hormones and medications. Did you know that tap water contains all of these? Our purifiers remove them, so your health is never compromised by the water you drink, complimenting your efforts to nourish your body with organic food which is free from these unnecessary toxins.

Quatreau’s Pure H2O is kinder to the environment. Plastic bottled water has been described as ‘one of the biggest marketing tricks of the century’, sold as better tasting or purer than tap water, it is in fact no better and is hugely detrimental to the environment. From the amount of water, oil, coal and gas required to produce the bottles, the CO2 footprint to transport them, the marine pollution and harm to marine life that occurs when they are discarded, plastic bottled water degrades and pollutes the environment.

Quatreau’s Pure H2O is the complete replacement to plastic bottled water.  It reduces your carbon footprint, prevents plastic pollution and helps you do your bit for environmental sustainability. What’s more, it is genuinely pure, and many people prefer the taste of Pure H2O when compared to tap water.

Quatreau’s Pure H2O is water as nature intended Just as organic food is food as nature intended. Pure H2O is free from all the man-made impurities and contaminants which are found in tap water, including plastic fibers, petrochemical derivatives, and run-off from pesticide-heavy non-organic farming practices.

Quatreau’s Pure H2O is trustworthy. Many people trust that organic farmers care about the environment, wildlife biodiversity, animal welfare and food quality. Sadly,  tap water  cannot be trusted to be safe, clean water. Just think of  the ‘acceptable’ levels of contaminants and impurities allowed in tap water. And we know that the activities of bottled water companies degrade natural resources. By contrast, people trust The Pure H2O Co.’s purifiers to consistently produce safe, clean water and trust us to reduce our environmental impact and maximize the energy efficiency of our products wherever possible.

Quatreau delivers pure instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Ensuring your food nor your body absorb any impurities.

Remember, if you’re going to eat organic food, or choose natural cosmetics and toiletries to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, impurities and toxins, Quatreau’s Pure H2O is the only choice of drinking water.


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